Tidal Energy update

Tidal Energy Update | 12/04/14

by John Brian Shannon

The United States Department of Energy issued a press release in 2012 reporting that water power, including conventional hydro-power and wave, tidal, and other water power resources, could provide 15% of U.S. electrical demand by 2030.

Here is the link to the DOE statement

Annapolis Tidal Station, Nova Scotia, Canada

There are only three operating tidal power plants in the world at present.

3 thoughts on “Tidal Energy update

  1. Hi Ann,

    Thanks so much for the offer. Writing a tidal article is definitely on my list of things to do. Presently collecting information to write a post. This process may take another month before I am satisfied enough to write on the topic.

    Best Regards, JBS

  2. Have tidal any future! Can animals be trapped in the devices! If you ever find the time , you’re more than welcome to say your view in a blog entry!

    All the best,

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