Wind Energy a Significant Source of Electricity

Wind Turbine Generators
Wind Turbine Generators. Porterfield/Chickering Photo Researchers, Inc.
  Palm Springs Wind Energy

Wind Energy as a Significant Source of Electricity


R. Gerald Nix
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Wind energy is a commercially available renewable energy source, with state-of-the-art wind plants producing electricity at about $0.05 per kWh.

However, even at that production cost, wind-generated electricity is not yet fully cost-competitive with coal or natural-gas-produced electricity for the bulk electricity market.

The wind is a proven energy source; it is not resource-limited in the United States, and there are no insolvable technical constraints.

This paper describes current and historical technology, characterizes existing trends, and describes the research and development required to reduce the cost of wind-generated electricity to full competitiveness with fossil-fuel-generated electricity for the bulk electricity market.

Potential markets are described.

To read the full paper, please visit the Palm Springs Wind Energy website:


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