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Paddling in Different Directions: Today’s EU

by John Brian Shannon | April 14, 2016

Today’s EU is functioning like 31 people in a small boat, and each one of them is paddling in a different direction and at a different cadence. But when a crisis occurs, they all paddle furiously (towards Greece, for just one example) to deal with the issues there.

Upon arriving in Greece, some deal with the economic problems, some hit the other paddlers over the head with the oars, while others try to paddle the boat away from Greece — and then, united in common cause, they all blame Greece for their trauma.

It’s exactly the way a team functions whenever there is no grand, overriding vision.

And it’s exactly the worst way to operate a political union.

The EU will continue to act this way until someone arrives on the scene with a huge, bold, and all-embracing vision who will lead the masses over the carcasses of the fallen elite. Just as in 1939.

EU member nations in 2016.

EU member nations in 2016. Image courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

That’s the fate of the 28-member EU, plus the EC, the ECB, and the Eurozone, unless that destiny is superceded by a better vision.

Let us pay our respect to visionaries in this very short, shortlist: There would’ve been no Apple Computer without Steve Jobs. There would’ve been no NASA Moon landing without JFK, there would’ve been no Marshall Plan without General Marshall, and no Ford Motor Company without Henry Ford.

And without a ‘visioneer’ to scope out a grand vision that a vast majority of European Union citizens can enthusiastically embrace, there will be no EU.

Here’s a worthwhile model to consider. One with a proven track record.

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It’s so easy when you know how…

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