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The Known Universe [video] by Hans Zimmer

The Known Universe [Video] by Hans Zimmer | 13/10/14
Posted by John Brian Shannon John Brian Shannon

Humanity used to believe that the entire universe circled the Earth, and that humans were of prime importance to, and at the epicentre of, the known universe.

Now that we’ve barely begun to explore the universe and with only the most rudimentary of technologies, we’re just beginning to see (not yet understand, mind you) how insignificant we and our little blue planet actually are.

It seems likely that there might be other lifeforms ‘out there’ — maybe they’re waiting for us to become more advanced before contacting us.

If we ever achieve light-speed travel, it still won’t take us far in our own galaxy. Note in the video that after 70 years of traveling away from the Earth at the speed of light, we’ve barely moved within our own galaxy, let alone relative to the rest of the universe.

The universe is a very big place…

This image below shows what the universe looks like when viewed from outside the boundary of all stars, galaxies, and other structures as determined by instrument observation and supercomputer modeling.

The Universe WMAP7

The Universe WMAP7 | Image courtesy of NASA

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  • Distance from Earth: 13.6 billion light years
  • Size: 100 billion light years
  • Telescope: WMAP
  • Light: Microwave