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How Wolves Saved Yellowstone Park and Why I Believe in Sustainability [video]

How Wolves Saved Yellowstone Park and Why I Believe in Sustainability | 12/10/14
by John Brian Shannon John Brian Shannon

What could be better than spending millions of dollars (perhaps billions) to repair much of the damage in Yellowstone National Park?

You guessed it. For much less money, the re-introduction of wolves to the park has dramatically resolved many ecosystem problems which were initially caused by human interference in the natural order of that ecosystem.

In 1995, wolves were re-introduced into the Yellowstone National Park, after being wolf-free for 70 years. What naturalists and biologist never imagined, was that the most remarkable thing would take place. Mother Nature knows what she’s doing if we just leave her alone. — TheMetaPicture.com

Enjoy this video. It is almost unbelievable how well restoring the natural predator balance remediates the anthropogenic (human-caused) changes in the park over the past 70 years.